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Eaton Canyon Trail

Pasadena, CA


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Eaton Canyon Falls Trail is a 3.4 mile out and back trail located near Pasadena, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Recent Reviews


Rancheria Trailhead to Upper Chain Lakes

11 Completed 9 Reviews

The good, it's a beautiful place with wonderful views and a perfect little lake. The fish are abundant. It's so secluded that you actually have the place to yourself and can enjoy peace and quiet. The bad, the trail is in bad shape once you cross the creek and fork away from Duck Lake. It's about 2.75 miles of trying to keep the trail if there is one, and climbing up sand that is like a sand dune on the beach. So if you are going, be prepared for that. However, it's a great place, as I said earlier, for solitude and fishing.


Mt. Wilson Toll Road Climb

17 Completed 15 Reviews

The Mt Wilson Toll Road is definitely a training hike. There are much prettier trails (such as the Chantry Flats trail which I loved). It is 18 miles and the gain is consistently 500 feet per mile. It is fire road the entire way and the middle third is pretty and shaded, but the beginning and end is all exposed. Lots of beautiful views. It passes through Henninger Flats at 2.7 miles which is a nice place, but no water there - so make sure you carry enough to get you to the top where you can refill. If you haven't been to the top of Mt Wilson, it's a little anticlimatic, with a big parking lot. But there is a nice restroom and a small cafe with nice views. It's very popular from the beginning to Henninger (parking is not easy), where most people stop. After that we just saw a couple of mountain bikers and one runner.


Tyee Lakes

15 Completed 14 Reviews

One of my favs in the Eastern Sierras. I know that a bold statement when there are so many great hikes to choose from but for a day hike, its the best. It didn't hurt that it is fall and the aspens were showing off at Tyee Lake #1 and #2. Didn't continue to #3 and #4 so I saved them for next time.
After you cross the short footbridge, well-marked switchbacks leads you to the first Tyee Lake at 2 miles and then another .5 mile is lake two. For the hike to all four lakes its an elevation gain of 2000 feet.


Maggie Lakes

9 Completed 8 Reviews

Completed it this weekend as a backpack, spent the night at the northernmost lake. It was a challenge both ways, but doable - slow and steady. I was with a large group (15), it took us 5 hours to get to the lake, then we decided to summit North Maggie Mtn at just over 10K ft. (approx 3.5 rt from camp) Well worth it - the views were epic. Afternoon clouds were rolling in as we got to the summit and we made it about half way back down before the thunderstorm started. .. we cooled off with some rain and hail, and it cleared up shortly after we got back to camp. The weather was perfect this time of year, lake was chilly but invitingly so - and mosquitos were pretty much nonexistent! Couple small creek crossings on the well-maintained trail. Elevation gain at a glance might be deceiving as it's up / down all the way in, it's not a steady ascent of 1500 ft over 9 miles. But there's lots of shade on the hike, which was appreciated on the way in and out. Overall, a really great weekend backpacking experience, if i had one more day out there, it would have been nearly perfect. Highly recommended if you want a challenging overnighter, close to LA area - but far enough to feel like you're really getting away.


Devils Canyon (Backpacking)
by Kelsey Krigstein

1 Completed 0 Reviews

Devil'a Canyon is an awesome trail! Did this hike on a Sunday at around 2:30pm with a friend. We didn't come across one other person the whole time. There are beautiful views of the expansive mountains of the Angeles Forest. Great mix of shady/tree-covered areas and more exposed areas - it was great to feel the sun! It was magical walking along the river-bed (it was all dried up, but that's to be expected) during the latter end of the hike. Many great spots to chill, meditate, stretch, and just sit and appreciate. Although the first half is a descent down about 2000 ft, the incline is fairly gentle and the hike back up wasn't difficult. Definitely a new favorite spot! We'll be checking out more trails in the Angeles Forest.

Don't forget your adventure pass! Happy hiking! =)


Palisade Glacier

1 Completed 0 Reviews

Great hike and scenery. You hike past 3 awesome turquoise-colored lake before starting the strenuous ascension towards the glacier. The last part is definitely a little more challenging as the trail disintegrates as you approach the impressive morraines that surround the glacier - so you better save some energy for the terminal bouldering phase. We did, but ran short on time so had to retrieve just a few hundred feet from our destination in order to make it back down to the car before nighttime. Bottom line, if you want to make it all the way up to the glacier and back in one day, you better get started early!!


Ice House Canyon Trail
by Jen B

33 Completed 7 Reviews


Grays Peak Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Great trail. Didn't take too long and had a great view from the top. I wish I read these reviews earlier because someone mentioned a canister at the top that has a notebook in it. We sat and ate lunch on the very top starring at that canister and assumed it was trash the whole time. Wish I could go back in time and look at it.


Momyer Creek Trail to Robb's peak

21 Completed 18 Reviews

Wow, this one really kicked my butt! The constant rate of incline was perhaps the hardest part, but over all it was a great trail! You start off by crossing the creek and or rocky river bed. Some water was still flowing through a narrow creek and it was ice cold. Then the first 2 miles or so you go in and out if the shade where the terrain has a more desert feel to it. Once in the forest it's got a lot more shade to work with. Then you will cross another creek which is also still flowing well. Then it's another 1.5-2 miles till you reach the fork that sends you on different trails. This was as far as we went. We went about 6.5 miles which was plenty. Also I picked up a small $10 map at the ranger station which was super helpful!

Dogs are allowed on leash!

Permit is required but it's free! Just call Miller Creek Ranger Station before you head out to make sure they still have permits available for that day. You can pick them up at the station same day.

Adventure pass required sometimes. When we went it wasn't but make sure to ask, the lady said it depends on what's going on up there.


West Alejo Road Loop #1

436 Completed 398 Reviews

Start location at the corner of N. Palm Canyon Dr. and W. Alejo Rd., then head east on W. Alejo Rd., left on Calle Caballeros, left on Tamarisk Rd. (walk at the park). Left on N. Palm Canyon Dr. to return at the starting point and to close the loop. It's a nice walk after attending 5:30 pm mass at Our Lady of Solitude.