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Eaton Canyon Trail

Pasadena, CA


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Eaton Canyon Falls Trail is a 3.4 mile out and back trail located near Pasadena, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Recent Reviews


The Mist Trail

3 Completed 2 Reviews

We started this trail from Curry Village. We started about 7:15 AM and it was perfect timing. There were a few other groups with us so we never felt alone on the trail. We pretty much all played leap frog around taking breaks. The trail up to the bridge was steeper than I realized it was going to be. If you can't make it up that, you won't make it up to the falls easily. Can only imagine how gorgeous and loud Vernal Falls are in May. It wasn't dried up, but the fall wasn't large either. Stairs are strenuous. I'm in fairly decent shape and it definitely had me sweating and my heart pumping! The hardest part is the uneven aspect of the stairs. For those of us who are on the shorter end, this can be a bit challenging. Luckily, there's always rocks along one side and a rail up the last bit. This helps to balance and hop up onto the taller steps. Gorgeous up on top! Next we continued up to Nevada Falls. From Vernal Falls, you continue up along Emerald Pool (gorgeous! But don't swim, deceptively fast currents), get an amazing view of Half Dome, Mt. Broderick, and Liberty Cap, and a relatively easy stroll to lull you into a false sense of security. Then the climbing starts. Not sure which fall is actually more difficult. With Nevada, you've already been working, and it feels a bit steeper overall, but the rocks are easier than the uneven stairs. Amazing views from up there. There was still water up there as well (not much, it is the end of August during our extreme drought) which was nice. We crossed the falls and took the John Muir Trail back. It's much easier for going downhill. It's slightly longer, though not rocky and you can keep a faster, steadier pace than if you go back down the Mist Trail. Overall, completely worth it! We were back in camp (we were in North Pines) by 12:40. It was PACKED down below/around the bridge on our way back. People were showing up in droves for the day hike. It was really hot on our way out, however, and many were not even prepared for the incline up to the bridge. Start early to avoid crowds and the heat!


Caples Lake to Emigrant Lake

50 Completed 32 Reviews


Shady Canyon Trail

16 Completed 14 Reviews

Short hike through the grounds of a gated residential community. The trail is well marked and there is a separate paved path for bikes. Good for walking the dog or jogging. There is very little shade, despite the name of the trail, so plan to wear sun screen if you burn easily.


Santo Nino Loop

417 Completed 372 Reviews

From a Christian point of view, this walk is celebrated on the third Sunday of January. There are around 400 people who participate; walking this loop while praying the Rosary. It's a pilgrimage walk similar to the Saint Guadalupe walk (12 miles) or the world famous "Camino de Santiago" in Spain (500 miles).


Fortynine Palms Trail
by Terry Miller

8 Completed 5 Reviews

Nice afternoon hike. Oasis is quiet, not crowded when I was there. Always seems longer than you think.


Horsetail Falls

8 Completed 0 Reviews

Loved this hike! Wife. me and our three small kids went (6, 4, and 5 months). baby tagged along in the carry pack and loved it. Just went to the base of the falls. Maybe I'll go to the top in about five years with my boys. Beautiful scenery! Well worth the drive from Roseville.


Wildwood Canyon State Park

2 Completed 1 Reviews

My honey and I did the trail first time for her beautiful morning and cool breeze up on top moderate hike the climb was easy, I would recommend it go due it. we did see a full grown female Deer couldn't get any better.


East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere)

9 Completed 2 Reviews

Aug 31 2014 Started the trail at about 9am. Hiked the first few miles under mostly shade with several low water crossings (rock hoppimg to avojd getting wet). Once you get within about 1 mile before the bridge, you begin waking up a gradual climb. If you are carryimg a loaded backpack for overnight, lime we were (60 lb and 30 lb pack), the climb becomes exhausting in the unshaded climb in hot temps (90+). Make sure you have at least a gallon per person if you are making this hike in the hot temps.

Once you get to the bridge (actual mileage on my GPS showed 7.26 miles, NOT 5), there are shallow swimming pools once you hike down some pretty steep and slippery decents. At this point, we had a filtering system (Hiker Pro on Amazon) and refilled out water containers. As I was doing so, several people approached me and asked for me to fill their water bottles for their return trip. So again...bring a ton of water.

After cooking some chicken and rice along the water and refilling our water containers, we continued toward Iron Fork campground. After hiking another mile (heavy packs making the hike more difficult than usual) we found an excluded place along the running water and set up our tent/camp (about 5 pm). The campsite was beautiful with our private cool spring pools. After dinner and relaxing, we place our food and trash in bags and hung them 15 ft in the air, 200 ft from our camp (bears are in this area ofter, along with mountain lion).

Then next morning we got an early start (7am to beat the heat) and headed back to the East Fork Trail head. Overall the hike was rewarding and a good experience. The total hike, per my GPS, was approximately 16 miles out and back. So make sure u beat the heat, and SERIOUSLY, bring a ton of water (or ask someone to filter it for you...;-)).


East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere)

8 Completed 0 Reviews

This was an awesome hike. As our first overnite hike it was a little much, being that it stated it was a 10 mile hike in and out, it was actually around 14 miles.
The views of the river running during the hike were beautiful and once we reached the bridge to no where it was breath taking. we found an awesome spot next to the stream to set up camp. gourgeous view at nite.
If you have never done this hike I do advise to wear waterproof hiking shoes as you will cross several streams and have plenty of water. Also if hiking during hot weather start as yearly as possible due to hardly any shade during hike.


Spitler Peak Trail
by Paul Garcia

3 Completed 2 Reviews

This trail is closed due to fire damage.