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Eaton Canyon Trail

Pasadena, CA


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Eaton Canyon Falls Trail is a 3.4 mile out and back trail located near Pasadena, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Recent Reviews


Santa Margarita River Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Mountain biking?


Dawn Mine Trail

3 Completed 1 Reviews

This is a difficult trail if you goto the actual mine. Boulders, smooth and slick rocks, and erosion. I didn't see any closed trail signs and we ran into a cabin caretaker on the way out at cabin #16.

To get to the mine...

Use your GPS and the alltrails map. It's spot on.

Take the fire road to sunset trail. Follow that to cabin #16. Then you basically follow the creek, back and forth. You will basically follow a bush whacked trail. Look for pink neon trail markers and black arrows spray painted on rocks. Towards the end, you will climb on and around smooth rocks and boulders. Be very careful as they are smooth, and slippery. I have excellent balance and I fell...twice. Follow the trail and GPS, and you are good. Don't do this hike alone.

Bring bug spray.
Map of mine. Can be found via Google images.
Head lamp. High quality.
Extra pair of shoes you can get wet in the mine.
Clean socks.
Three liters of water and a couple peanut butter and jelly sandiches.
Thermal. It was very cold in the mine.

Let someone know before you go, as this is considered dangerous. I felt safe inside, however. If anyone has any questions, message me at


Skyline Drive

1 Completed 1 Reviews

I love this trail! It is a must hike, going towards the left (straight) is the mine area, I loved it
Definitely a place to go once a week


Chilao to Mt. Hillyer via Horse Flats Trail

3 Completed 1 Reviews

This was a great, close in hike for me and my dogs on a Sunday afternoon. Access to the Silver Moccasin trailhead is easy from the Angeles Crest Hwy, parking for 3-4 cars. The trail starts on sandy soil, then climbs for a mile on gentle switchbacks in thick scrub. This area was spared a burn in the Station Fire, so there is plenty of growth to enjoy. After a mile, you leave the SMT, to the left, and skirt the Horse Flats Campground. Just a short distance and you reach the trailhead for the Mt. Hillyer trail. For the next couple of miles you climb through pines, and fun boulder piles to ramble on, until the top of Mt. Hillyer. The top is really just a rounded bump, but plenty of places to enjoy a picnic in sun or shade, and great views of the surrounding mountains. Incl: Waterman and Twin Peaks, Strawberry and Josephine, Wilson and San Gabriel, and Condor and Fox.

From the top you can reverse your route. I chose to head north off the mountain, through more Jeffrey Pine groves, for a loop route. This joins the Santa Clara road, which I used to walk back to Horse Flats, and rejoin the SMT to my car.

I would classify this hike as moderate to easy, and it took me 3 hours including my lunch stop. 8 miles total, and 1145 in elevation gain.
I found it very uncrowded: I passed 1 other hiker, 2 mountain bikers, 2 guys practicing bouldering, and a group of target shooters (ugh, illegal where they were doing it....). There was no one but me and my boys at the top.

A really lovely afternoon!


Sycamore Mineral Springs

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Great short hike. Definitely worked the legs going up. Very peaceful. Great view of pirates cove once you make it to the top.


Momyer Creek Trail to Robb's peak

3 Completed 3 Reviews

My wife and I did not go to Robbs peak but stayed overnight at Dobbs Camp. It was an awesome overnight place with a creek running through it for easy water refills. the hardest part of the trail is the 3 or so miles in the beginning that pretty much take you up up and more up. Stop at the Mill Creek ranger station on the way out and pick up a map ($10) and fill out a permit(free).
34701 Mill Creek Rd
Mentone, CA 92359
This is a great hike and Dobbs is an awesome place to stay the night. Be ready to be soar on your way out because of the climb but worth it for sure


San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail

7 Completed 1 Reviews

** Access: The trail is quite accessible from a number of locations as it cuts through Walsh Ave, Scott Blvd, 101, and Mission College Blvd. So it is a great place to run/walk/bike for people who live or work closeby.
At the northern end, the trail lies behind the Great America amusement park on one side and the new Levi's stadium on the other. The trail may be closed on days there are events in the stadium. There is a signboard listing the event dates. The part of the trail closure doesnt help to the already small trail.
Parking for me was convenient at the trailhead on Monroe Street.

** Scenery: The trail is bound by a tall, concrete wall on one side and the San Tomas Aquino creek on the other side. The wall on the undercrossings has some sculptures that one can probably pay attention to if one is out on a leisure walk. The wall is not continuous and the trail is very open beyond Mission College Blvd if you're going north. To me, the wall seemed to add claustrophobia to the already narrow trail. The wall does provide shade in the evenings.
The creek on the other side is all dried up and there is a lot of stagnant water, an ideal breeding ground for all types of mosquitoes and what not. The dried creek is more of a stinky drain right now and more of a health hazard than anything else.

** Trail surface: The trail is very narrow all along. It is absolutely straight for most part. The trail is more concrete than tarred road. I prefer road surface for runs/walks. The concrete extends for a long distance on either sides of an overhead bridge. There are dips and inclines in elevation at these undercrossings.


Schabarum Regional Park: Schabarum Trail

2 Completed 2 Reviews


Gilman Peak - North Ridge and Gilman Peak Trails

2 Completed 2 Reviews



Cowles Mountain Trail

15 Completed 1 Reviews

Nice quick hike/run that's a decent workout. Late afternoon or evening recommended as morning is a zoo. Don't leave valuables in car, several break ins have occurred.