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Bishop Pass Trail

Bishop, CA

Bishop Pass Trail is a 11 mile out and back trail located near Bishop, California and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from May until October. It generally gets very cold at night so be prepared.

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Recent Reviews


Gem Lakes Trail

12 Completed 6 Reviews

Great trail, and the view a the end makes it all worth while, our dogs loved it too.


North Lake to the Lamarck Lakes

10 Completed 10 Reviews

This place has it all; wooded areas, frigid streams, rugged scree, and a beautiful lake view. Took a group up here and they had a blast!


Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake Trail

10 Completed 5 Reviews

We spent night one in Bishop Hostel, I'm not usually a hostel type of guy now that i'm 33 but this place is more of a bed and breakfast feel. Awesome kitchen with a great collection of glasses, steins etc. victorian house / furniture etc.. we drank heavily and promptly hit the trail head the next morning with a quick stop in aspen dell to check out he aspens. the trail head which starts at lake sabrina is on the east side of the damn... note you have to park about 1/4 to 1/2 mile down the road from the main day use parking.. this was kind of a bummer.. the first 2-3 miles is along the lake which is pretty but you begin to tire of this mostly sandy trail with not much tree cover it was pretty hot in oct however it snowed the very next weekend after our trip.. at the SE side of the lake you will pass a water fall and begin your hike up to blue lake.. the trees and views of surrounding mountains are great. OF note is the Red peaks not very common in the eastern sierras which i really liked.. once at blue lake you are 6-7 miles in and about 1500 feet higher than u started .. we were defiantly ready for a break due to being hung over from last nights pub crawl through bishop. we were the only one at this lake and camped on the west side , a waterfall could be heard on the south side but we never made it over to check it out.. the next morning we got up and made our way to hungry packer lake , we attempted to find moonlight falls at moonlight lake but it appeared they were dry this time of year so we settled in for night 3 at the north side of the lake which was great.. a big water fall on the west side was visible and you could hear it but we never made it over to that side, which i regret... the next morning we left at 9am and were back to bishop eating burgers by 2... i'd give this hike 3 out of 5 stars, i probably won't do it again but will defianately be back to bishop and possibly aspen dell. the reason for this is i've had better experiences at kearsarge pass and my favorite big pine lakes..


Rock Creek to Long Lake

5 Completed 3 Reviews

A great easy day hike. We fished as well and had good lick with the flies at all of the lakes all the way to gem lakes. Good for kids and dogs!


Methuselah Trail

7 Completed 2 Reviews

This is a great "field trip". The forest service provides a guide to the Bristlecone Pine forest with numbered sites to see. Take your time and appreciate these remarkable >4000 year old trees. Its a good acclimatization for White Mtn. Peak (14,252ft) hike which is nearby and is only 253 feet less than Mt. Whitney. The geology is remarkable too.


Tyee Lakes

16 Completed 15 Reviews

One of my favs in the Eastern Sierras. I know that a bold statement when there are so many great hikes to choose from but for a day hike, its the best. It didn't hurt that it is fall and the aspens were showing off at Tyee Lake #1 and #2. Didn't continue to #3 and #4 so I saved them for next time.
After you cross the short footbridge, well-marked switchbacks leads you to the first Tyee Lake at 2 miles and then another .5 mile is lake two. For the hike to all four lakes its an elevation gain of 2000 feet.


John Muir Trail

32 Completed 1 Reviews

Hike of a lifetime! Hope to do it again!


White Mountain Peak

26 Completed 20 Reviews

A great hike.


Mosquito Flat

12 Completed 12 Reviews

We did this hike on our 3rd hiking day while camping in Mammoth Lakes RV Park. We drove an hour to Mosquito Flat Campground right past Rock Creek Lake off Rock Creek Rd. The trail head is called Little Lakes Valley. We parked our car at 8:45am and we got a space in the closes parking lot. This is a popular place so the first parking lot fills by 9am on weekdays and 8am on weekends. There are parking places down the road if it is full. There are numerous campgrounds along Rock Creek Rd. Mosquito Flat is the end of the road. There is first come first served camping but it is a 1 night maximum.
You pass a junction to Mono Pass which leads to Pioneer Basin (which is supposed to be an amazing 5 day back pack). You then pass Mack and Marsh Lake but they just looked like the river to me. The "first" lake you come upon is Heart Lake, it is gorgeous, you go over a little bridge right before it. People were fishing there and a mule pack passed by me delivering stuff to lakes farther up. Next is Box Lake, then Long Lake. After Long Lake there is a sign for Chickenfoot Lake. I took that detour, the trail is a bit easy to lose in one spot but I used my GPS to help me know which way to go. I also could have followed the horse hooves and poop. The trail comes around the back side of the lake. It is a small, somewhat private lake. I didn't see the lake from the main trail. After Long Lake the elevation increases greatly to Gem Lakes. At the first Gem Lakes Trail sign my GPS showed the trail going up the stream but it looks like they are restoring that area so now the trail stays to the left. Then you come upon a sign that directs you to Gem Lake to the right and Morgan Pass to the left. Morgan Pass wasn't much further but it was straight up and I decided to forego it. Gem Lake seems like its 3 small lakes connected. The part farthest in is the biggest it is gorgeous. It seems popular for backpacking to. Quite a few groups were there. I tried to get to its other side but I had to take a trail all the way around to do so, I then ran into a big rock face so I couldn't go on. Here I hit my head and ended up with quite a nice wound on my forehead. I then went back and at lunch near where I first approached the lake.
This area is very popular with dog owners. The dogs were swimming in the lakes which I got a kick out of. I would like to come back and camp at Treasure Lakes or Dade Lake which may be off-trail and more private.


Little Lakes Valley

6 Completed 6 Reviews

Stunning, long easy hike, continues on and on. Rewards at every turn.