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Best Trails in Mt Baldy

Big Santa Anita Canyon and Mount Zion Loop Trail

Sierra Madre, CA

Big Santa Anita Canyon and Mount Zion Loop Trail is a 8.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Sierra Madre, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

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Recent Reviews


Icehouse Saddle via Icehouse Canyon Trail

1 Completed 0 Reviews

please let me ask around to find out more details about it
high quality time with them from our house


Mt. Baldy via Devil's Backbone Trail

3 Completed 0 Reviews


Mount San Antonio Mount Baldy Notch Trail

4 Completed 0 Reviews

The bowl is difficult. But nice views once on top


Timber Mountain via Icehouse Canyon

38 Completed 21 Reviews

Set out at 3:30am to try to catch the sunrise from the top of a mountain.
Got to the saddle by about 5:00, and decided to try for Bighorn mountain. I only got about a quarter or half a mile from the saddle before I was up against a huge amount of ice. It was pre-dawn and I couldnt' see well.. but there wasn't even any clear footprints. i had ice axe and crampons, but since it was night, the snow was frozen solid. I decided to abandon an ascent of bighorn and double timed it back to the saddle and raced up to timber mountain. From the peak, theres too many trees in the way to see the sunrise, but if you head north from the peak... going downhill just a little, then it opens up to a FANTASTIC view of the sunrise and also telegraph peak and Baldy. Someone else left a lukewarm review of timber mountain saying that there are NO VIEWS... that person either didn't explore the peak much, or they are stupid, because the views were awesome.

After watching the sun rise, I took a two hour nap on the peak and then came back down. Total trail time was about 7 hours... but since i took so much time chillin out on the peak, i was really only moving for like 4 hours.

Total Takeaway:
NO ICE on timber mountain.
ICE AXE/CRAMPONS required if you go to Bighorn or Ontario.
I heard other hikers say that the ascent of cucamonga had a LOT of ice left.

NO ICE all the way to the saddle though.

I took the Chapman trail/Cedar Glen trail on the way back. It is less traveled, but super awesome, better views than the normal icehouse trail... but a lot of steep loose gravel section. This would be horribly dangerous if there was ice. Now that its warmer, its super beautiful. A small campground about two miles up too.


Ice House Canyon Trail

17 Completed 0 Reviews

Amazing hike, beautiful scenery and a fantastic workout. Only problem is it is busy busy busy up to the saddle. lots of loose rock in sections of the trail make it a bit tricky however that should not stop anybody.


Mount San Antonio Mount Baldy Notch Trail

10 Completed 3 Reviews

Fantastic hike from Manker Flats. Started up the Baldy Bowl Trail at 0740hrs. Pretty straightforward, the trail disappears at times on the final climb to the summit, but if you follow that ridge you'll hit it again. Descended by way of Devils Backbone. Super Windy, glad I brought a shell layer! Entire trail was free of snow and Ice, I had crampons and never touched them. Stopped for a quick bite at Baldy Notch and the walked down the fire road.

While this loop could go either direction I highly recommend going up the Bowl, down the backbone. My knees enjoyed a less steep descent, and that fire road, while totally fine at the end of the day when I've done all the work, would be a mood buster to start the day with 3.5 miles going up an uninspiring dirt road. Just my 2cents :)


Mt. Baldy via Devil's Backbone Trail

15 Completed 0 Reviews

I did this trail again last night, except this time I started running at the town of Mt Baldy, and then up the Devil's Backbone trail to the peak, then back down to the town. It's about 6000' of vertical gain in an approximately 22-mile round trip. It's a great run for anyone prepping for a tough mountain race. The road up to the trail head is entirely runnable, and once you're on the trail it's all runnable until you get just a little above the top of the first ski lift. After that point, it becomes a mixture of hiking and running, depending upon the terrain and the steepness of the slope. It's almost entirely runnable coming down, of course.

I like the exposure along the backbone, and the peak is a nice payoff for a challenging run. Enjoy!


Mt. Baldy via Devil's Backbone Trail

7 Completed 0 Reviews

This trail is very tough and wears you out but I would definitely go back. Unfortunately we did not reach the peak since there was 80mph winds and once we got to the devil's backbone the winds got stronger. This trail has some of the most beautiful views in southern California I have ever seen. Looking forward to going back to complete the trail and get to the peak of Mt. Baldy.


Mount San Antonio Mount Baldy Notch Trail

32 Completed 17 Reviews

I started at Falls Rd next to Manker Flats at about 6:45am. From Falls Rd. and took the Baldy Bowl Trail just after the falls. The trail is a little hard to see and the sign is broken, so keep an eye out for it. It was SUPER windy all the way up especially after the ski hut. The trail gets a little hard to see about a half a mile from the summit, but its pretty obvious where the peak is. I was told by the rangers that crampons and an ice axe is required to summit, but they never came out of my pack. There were a few patches of snow, but they were easily avoided. The summit was crazy windy and people were having to take a knee from time to time to keep from getting blown over or pushed back down the trail. I took the same way back because the Backbone would have been too dangerous (oh well, been there done that).