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Etiwanda Falls Trail

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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The Etiwanda Falls Trail is a 3.5 mile trail located beyond the North Etiwanda Preserve in Rancho Cucamonga, CA that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking & trail running and is accessible year around. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.

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Recent Reviews


Exploration Trail

2 Completed 1 Reviews

Great hike! About 10 miles be sure to bring a jacket it was windy towards the top


Keller Peak / National Children's Forest

2 Completed 2 Reviews

I hiked this trail about 6 years ago and thankfully it hasn't changed much - good views and scenery - wish the last 1.5 miles up to Keller Peak wasn't on pavement but its a good moderate hike and the views from the ranger post are really great.


Keller Peak / National Children's Forest

4 Completed 1 Reviews

Had a chance to ride this trail while visiting Lake Arrowhead...nice trail, start from trailhead at the bottom and earn the downhill single track back to your car after the out and back....i rode this during a snow/sleet storm so had to cut the ride short but was still a great ride. Parking very limited and you will need the pass which you can get just about anywhere, gas station etc.


Keller Peak / National Children's Forest

1 Completed 1 Reviews

This trail gives a great overview of the mountains around Running springs and big bear. Though the description says it is for mountain biking, I suggest far more hikers use it then mountain bikers. A nice addition to the end of this trail is to continue to the top of Keller Peak (7,882 ft), a Sierra classic peak. The upper mile and a half will be along a paved roadway if you choose this option. There is little to no traffic from cars so the peace and serenity is all yours. Both at the top of Keller Peak and at points along the way you will find fantastic views of the mountains and out to San Diego and the LA basin.


Fredalba Trail

23 Completed 7 Reviews

I did some forestry fire clearance work in this area about a year and a half ago and most of the trail was burned out along with the majority of the homes in the area. The last fire did a lot of damage unfortunately. I have recently seen a lot of green returning and life is making its way back to a lot of this area. On the outskirts there are still some nice single track hiking trails that follow along the creek closer to the roadside for a quick hike. Some more time and this place will return to its previous state.


Keller Peak / National Children's Forest

70 Completed 2 Reviews

This is a wonderful moderate trail which can become quite difficult depending on the past weather conditions and the maintenance. It is one of my recommended hikes for those visiting Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding areas.

The trail has wild flowers, a creek, lots of wild life, wonderful views, and can be accessed from road side either at the beginning (parking is limited at the foot of the trail), or numerous turnouts along the adjacent 5 mile paved road. A wilderness adventure pass is required to park anywhere in the San Bernardino mountains and can be purchased for the ranger's station, or numerous other locations.

If you are in Lake Arrowhead, do not miss this one!