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Maxwell Falls and Cliff Trail Loop Trail

Evergreen, CO


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This candy wrapper style loop trail, located near Evergreen, CO, will take you past 2 small water falls and Upper Maxwell Falls if you do the whole loop. This is a easy to moderate trail with only a minor elevation gain of 644 ft.

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Recent Reviews


Mount Bierstadt Trail

1 Completed 0 Reviews

My friend Erin and I completed the hike on Wednesday 10-1-2014 we were two of only six hikers to be seen on the trail that day, so it was a blast! We began our hike at 6:54 am and took our time being that it was my friends first 14er. We made the summit around 10 am and just in time to head back down and beat a nasty Snowstorm that was rolling in. Beautiful hike! Not super difficult and what a great way to see my first snowflakes of this years fall. The Aspen trees were stunning and we saw Moose and mountain goats about. What a perfect day!


Gold Camp Road

2 Completed 0 Reviews

Absolutely gorgeous drive and amazingly beautiful trails! I'll definitely be back!!!


Red Rock Canyon Short Loop

2 Completed 0 Reviews

Great little hiking area! Easy trails that are fantastic for taking the little ones .


Pawnee Pass Trail

28 Completed 7 Reviews

Hiked on 9/27/14. Great hike. Stunning views. At junction of Isabelle Lake/Pawnee Pass, trail becomes exposed and much more rocky to the top. More photos of pawnee pass trail at


Horseshoe Lake Trail

4 Completed 4 Reviews

Hiked 9/28/2014 - The trail is 8 miles round trip from the parking area of the Kinney Creek Trail. The trail is well maintained with only a few blowdowns at the time I hiked it. However there is potential for a lot more dead trees to fall. There are numerous small stream and spring crossings on the trail, eventually ending at Horseshoe Lake.


Land of Lakes Trail

3 Completed 1 Reviews

Beautiful views of Grand Mesa. Very easy and scenic!


Booth Falls

19 Completed 25 Reviews



Twin Sisters Peak Trail

6 Completed 6 Reviews

Hiked this trail on Sunday not many people on the way up, maybe 6 total. The landslide area is navigable and the trail across is marked. Definitely should be done early in the day, we hit the summit at 1:00pm just as the weather moved in, avoided most of it though. A lot of people headed up on while on our descent, which didn't seem smart.


Green Mountain Loop

9 Completed 9 Reviews

Awesome, pretty difficult hike with beautiful views at Green Mountain Summit. Be prepared for lots of steep incline, a ladder (put in after the floods) that you have to climb to continue the trail. The second trail (Greenman) changes scenery a bit- it quickly became much greener (go figure) with lots of trees already turning yellow. Really nice. Took us four hours to complete, but we made a lot of stops on tall boulders going up to take in the views (and snack a bit). Started this hike wayyy too late, reached the summit at dusk and had to haul it back down (I like to avoid hiking in the dark, even with flashlights)- KILLED my ankles. Worth it, though. Crowds were limited- we only met about four pairs of hikers going up, a couple going down.


West Lake Creek Trail
by Jasmine Marie

13 Completed 2 Reviews

Beautiful in the fall!!