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Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail

Berlin, CT

Ragged Mountain Preserve Trail is a 6.1 mile loop trail located near Berlin, Connecticut that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs must be kept on leash to use this trail.

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Recent Reviews


Mattabesset Trail - Beseck Ridge from Rt 68 to Rt 66

4 Completed 3 Reviews

Completed a stretch from route 77 to route 68. 9.47 miles. just before route 68 is Cattails shelter. Wish I had planned ahead to stay ovenight. It is well kept and very dry even in the rain. et even supply firewood. This hike was beautiful with frequent vistas some pretty steep climbs followed by rolling flat across ridge lines. One of the prettiest areas along the New England Trail which includes the Mattabesset Trail.


Mattabesset Trail - Beseck Ridge from Rt 68 to Rt 66

18 Completed 10 Reviews

Hiking south from Rt 68 you will soon come to the "Cat tails Shelter" just off the trail. This would be an awesome place to spend the night as it has two shelters, seating, a fire-pit and bottles of fresh water in the summer courtesy of the caretaker. The hike gains elevation in sections until you come to the top of the ridge with views to the west and south. Blue Trails?/Hills? Gun range is below and you will hear frequent shooting. The trail continues to the notch where there is a road and then up, across, and down to Rt 17.


Mattabesset Trail - Beseck Ridge from Rt 68 to Rt 66

6 Completed 1 Reviews

I hiked this trail with friends from rte 68 in Wallingford to rte 66 in Middlefield by Guida's dairy. There isn't much for parking along rte 68, so I recommend only parking one car there. The hike is about 7 or 8 miles up and down several hills. There are a lot of loose, sharp rocks which might hinder some. The final stretch of the trails runs along the cliffs with gorgeous vistas. A moderate hike with nice views, make sure to pack well as there are no outlets on this trail.


Bear Rock Trail
by Andrew D

5 Completed 5 Reviews

I parked on Harvey road (very nice area and woodsy, kinda nice to see in CT). Started off going on the trail, just following blue markers on trees. Although the trails are clearly maintained, you really don't know where you are going, there are no signs to bear rock whatsoever. I kept hiking for a ways, just sorta exploring the area until I came onto what must have been Bear rock. It was huge, and had a cave like structure, which really stood out to the surrounding area. There are no scenic viewpoints, it isn't like a summit or anything. However you cross different types of environment and it is a very nice, remote area. I encountered one hiker in my two hour hike. I couldn't even hear a pin drop in some areas of hiking. Lots of wildlife too. I saw some deer run across the trail, and saw tracks of what must have been coyote or fox or something. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot more animals. Hunting is permitted so be careful.

I got kinda lost at one point, as there weren't any signs or anything. Basically just blue markers on trees the whole way and you had to know the area (which I don't). What I ended up doing was I hiked 3 miles until I came onto a road. I took my GPS out and found the road I was parked on, and just walked along side roads from there until I got to my car as it was getting dark. The trail itself is moderate, pretty easy in sections but a few small climbs. I wandered off the trail sometimes to go exploring, it is a very quiet area so it makes it enjoyable. The hardest part for me was walking on the roads haha, as there was a lot of uphill walking and nothing to keep you interested, just houses and cars. What I recommend is to study the trail online before you go, and have a really thought out plan before you go. Very nice area to walk through if you have some time to kill.