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Blood Mountain Trail

Blairsville, GA


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Blood Mountain Trail is a 7.2 mile loop trail located near Blairsville, Georgia that features a great forest setting. The trail is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen and primarily used for camping & hiking and is accessible Spring or Fall. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Recent Reviews


Gahuti Backcountry Trail
by Joan Piccalo

19 Completed 1 Reviews

7.8 mi 5 hrs 1257 ft elev gain This is a beautifully wooded rocky trail with a few small stream crossings. It is definitely strenuous. Lots of steep sections, and sometimes hard to keep your footing on the roots and rocks. Lots of up and down. Extremely well marked!!


Haw Creek Park

1 Completed 0 Reviews

Great time outdoors with my daughter. actually saw a total of 4 deer bedded down just off the trail. She got a huge kick out of it and truth be told so did I.


Appalachian Trail: Neels Gap to Hogpen Gap

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Awesome day hike!!!!


Keown Falls Trail

3 Completed 2 Reviews

It is an steep climb to the top but not very long. Once at the top you can walk along side the bluff enjoying the small waterfalls along the way. The only thing bad about the trail is once you start down the other side the trail can sometimes be hard to see. Most just hike to the first waterfall and go down the same way they came up which is the same distance just a lot easier to follow the trail. A good hike with a nice view especially during the fall. The first part of the trail is very well kept with a few benches along the way for weary hikers.


ridge trail

4 Completed 2 Reviews

This is Sweetwater state park, several trails here. very peaceful but usually crowded on Saturday.


Sweetwater State Park RED/WHITE Combo

4 Completed 2 Reviews

Nice walk. Haven't hiked in years and only got winded once. The creek was nice to walk along, was very busy on Saturday.


Pinhoti North

1 Completed 1 Reviews

I always hike the dug gap trail head for pinhoti. As far in as time allows and straight back out the same way. It's fun a hike, you have to climb a gravel road to get to the actual trail which usually takes me about twenty minutes to climb. Cell service bc the towers right up there with the trail. The two times I've hiked it I went 7 miles and 5 miles in and out. Really enjoy this hike.


Long Creek Falls Trail

22 Completed 4 Reviews

Very nice hike. Good views of creek on the drive in. The trail crossed the road, stopped and parked there. The falls were about a mile from the road. Enjoyed the hike very much. Lots of camping spots along the trail. Met 5 other people on the trail. Easy hike for Families.


Bartram Trail
by Swamp Ratt

4 Completed 4 Reviews

did an out an back section of the trail in late spring, the trail was in great shape and has some sections that were pretty steep for the kids, but overall it was a very fun day.


Confederate Line Trail
by T. Hurt

5 Completed 4 Reviews

I grew up around this area and my elementary school would take field trips to the battlefield frequently. There are not many places to feel exactly alone there but there are some fairly nice hidden gems scattered throughout the area like the wild cross monument you may just happen upon while hiking through. Nice trails for running, good distances for moderate to easy runs. Great place to take the kids and plenty of deer to enjoy spotting once in a while too. If you are looking for a place to just get away for a short while and relax this area is not bad and not very challenging but worth the price of admission. It's free.