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Blood Mountain Approach Trail

Blairsville, GA

Blood Mountain Approach Trail is a 11.1 mile loop trail located near Blairsville, GA that features a great forest setting and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and camping and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Miller Trek

Young Harris, GA

Recent Reviews


Miller Trek

63 Completed 57 Reviews

A little confusing because the map you probably have is a national geo map and those maps only show National Forest Service Trails. That means the map you are likely looking at is incomplete. It says 4.4 miles, when the total is more in the 6 mile range.

Pull into Brasstown Valley Lodge South entrance. Drive back a ways and when you see a parking lot on the left and tennis courts on the right you are there. Park in that lot and do NOT drive up to the lodge to look for the trail. You will see a big gazebo behind some bushes and that is the start.

Next piece is the trails outside NFS are blue and green blazes together. Once you hit the actual NFS trails it switches to just green. For good measure there are also blue trails around so pay attention.

Best advice is print the map I uploaded and keep it with you. Very straightforward once you get your bearing. All in all a nice trail for the area if you don't feel like hiking on of the trails up to Brasstown bald. Lot a lot going on but a nice trail. You can stop in the lodge once your done for dinner if you like. Nice place


Miller Trek

14 Completed 4 Reviews

Very nice hike up mtn - steady climb all the way up. Entrance VERY confusing. This app does not take you to entrance - go to large parking lot near the lodge and look around for a great big entrance sign - will be obvious when you finally see it


Miller Trek

7 Completed 6 Reviews

The hike was generally easy with a few decent climbs. The blazes are a problem, though: the trail uses 3 different blazes for different sections and neighboring trails also use the same colors for blazes. This is an easy problem to fix and would make the trail system safer. The trailhead is very confusing if you start at the dirt lot--it looks as if you are walking through a private backyard. I recommend parking at the lodge's main parking lot and starting there. Views aren't great in the summer, but the foliage offers really great shade. Deer can be frequently seen and there's a chance for bears, too. I spotted bear scat near the lodge, in fact. Good luck and enjoy!


Miller Trek

7 Completed 5 Reviews

I have hiked Miller trek a few times. It is not well marked and has a few moderate to slightly difficult climbs. It is next to Brasstown Valley Lodge which is a nice place to stop at the end of the hike.


Miller Trek

1 Completed 1 Reviews

We hiked Miller Trek 02/10/13 6.5 miles climbed elevation 1340 feet, in 2.18 hours.
Great mountain views, Several natural springs along the way.