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Clifty Falls State Park

Madison, IN


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Scenic Driving

Clifty Falls State Park is a 14 mile loop trail located near Madison, Indiana that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, scenic driving & walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Recent Reviews


Mason Ridge Trail

5 Completed 5 Reviews

Hiked this a couple of weeks ago and the trail was really muddy at the time so it took a little longer for us to complete than it normally would. Parts of the trail are nice, parts of it run along the road. We also heard a lot of gun shots in the background, like someone was doing target practice.


Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail

9 Completed 3 Reviews

Great Hike, one of my favorites! My Son and I went on this hike in the summer. He was 6 at the time. Because it was summer the waterfall was just a trickle off the top of the rocks. There is plenty to see on this hike. Lot of rock outcrops, waterfall, & places to expolre. The climb down to the canyon could be a little tricky with smaller kids, but my son did fine with a little help. There is a full discription of our hike on my website if you are interested


Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Was here a few weeks ago while the cliffs still had ice on them! Great to visit during the different seasons! Can't wait to go back in the spring .


Knob Lake Trail

14 Completed 14 Reviews

Hiked trail 1, 10, 2 and trail 3. An enjoyable but strenuous hike. Trail 1 is a one mile hike to the top of the ridge that is picture worthy. Trail 10 is a three mile easy to follow trail off of trail 1. The first half of Trail 2 takes you to the top of the ridge with nice views. The second half is an enjoyable single track the criss crosses a quiet stream. Trail 3 is an easy 1 mile trail that took me back to the car. Bring a water bottle and your camera and enjoy this quality hike.


southwestway park

1 Completed 1 Reviews

While it is fine to hike these trails, they were clearly made for mountain biking and dirt racing. I would not recommend riding horses here at all because of how the trails are constructed; there are steep walls and very narrow portions. These trails are very dirty and poorly maintained near the trailheads but near the back portion of the land by White River it is fairly nice. Make sure you wear boots!


Low Gap Trail in Morgan-Monroe State Forest

2 Completed 3 Reviews

Notice to Morgan-Monroe trail users. The Rock Shelter Trail is closed for a timber harvest that should be completed by the end of March. The Low Gap, Mason Ridge and Tecumseh Trails will remain open although they must bypass the closed area. Please respect the posted trail closure signs.
Low Gap, the Tecumseh Trail and Rock Shelter follow the same path from the trailhead at the Main Forest Road until they split at the big wooden sign where Low Gap and the Tecumseh turn south and the Rock Shelter goes left along the gravel log road back to the trailhead for a 3 mile loop.
For hikers coming from the Backcountry, they will see the trail closure at the wooden sign and use the last section of the Rock Shelter trail to reach the trailhead at the Main Forest Road. This cuts the 10-mile Low Gap hike by about 2 miles.


CCC Trail (2) at Brown County State Park

7 Completed 1 Reviews

Passes behind lodge and cabins with a couple of stone bridges and walkways. Not much elevation and also passes near lower shelter and the North Lookout Tower which I recommend you try for great views and pictures. There are two starting points, if you don't like climbing up stairs, start at the W/NW point begininng with the stairs, as you will be descending, otherwise, you will be climbing up at the end of your hike. Nice little loop trail for beginners, around 2 miles and 1 hour in length, depending on stops.


Hayswood Nature Reserve Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Hayswood Park - Indian Creek Trail

Hayswood Park is one of my local trails; easy and quick for us to visit. There are two trails available at Hayswood Park – the original trail is in the upper portion of the park and includes the bluff overlook. The "newer" Indian Creek Trail is at the lower end of the park past the duck pond. This is the trail we normally walk and the trail that I am reviewing today.

We got an early start today since we have rain moving into the area this afternoon. Temps were pretty mild, making for an enjoyable walk this morning. In the lower portion of the park there is a duck pond with fishing pier, a basketball court and picnic tables. The area was clean and well maintained. The trail starts at the parking lot. The path for the primary trail is asphalt and is wide and well maintained.

There are numerous benches and trash cans located along the trail and both the park and trail were very clean. This trail follows along Indian Creek and at other times of the year I have seen Cranes and Egrets in the creek. The steep limestone bluffs are always beautiful rising up from the creek bed below. Normally we follow the asphalt trail to its end and turn around and walk back. Today we took the gravel walking path and made the loop back around. The gravel walking path is clearly marked with large signs. The path was well maintained, wide and easy to follow. This lesser used path offered some very nice views of Indian Creek. The only “odd” thing was halfway through the gravel loop there is a single occupied home. The path runs right next to the small obviously occupied house. This morning their dog was out and loose and followed us for a while.

The gravel path returns to the asphalt path near the bridge. In this area there is a path down to the creek and Annie went down to take a look, but didn’t get her feet wet. The bridge used on the trail is the Rothrock Mill Bridge. This 160 foot long steele truss bridge once crossed the Blue River; but was relocated and now stretches across Indian Creek here at Hayswood Nature Reserve. There are plans (not currently in progress) to connect this section of the Indian Creek Trail to two other existing sections of Indian Creek Trail which would make an amazing trail.

This trail is frequented by a wide variety of folks – dog walkers, families, runners, solo walkers and young and elderly couples. The asphalt trail would be an easy and enjoyable walk for hikers of all abilities.


Turkey Run State Park: trails #2 thru #11

1 Completed 1 Reviews

is the hiking trails free? iv called all the numbers to the park but cant get ahold of anyone.. i really would like to go but need inmormation, do u have to camp there or anyting to be able to go hiking? can someone text me who has more information? 812-798-4191 i live 2 hours away and dont want to drive if its like 50$ a person to hike.