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Mount Agamenticus Trail

Cape Neddick, ME


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Mount Agamenticus Trail is a 1.5 mile loop trail located near Cape Neddick, Maine that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking & mountain biking and is accessible from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Recent Reviews


The Beehive Trail

41 Completed 18 Reviews

I went on this hike with my friends and I was mentally prepared for an adventure :) scary but exciting :) I wish they weren't that verbal about the difficulty of that trail :) The only downside was that we got stuck behind a very slow group and when you balance on the narrow shelf attached like a fly to the vertical wall you do not want to have to much time to think: WTF are you doing there :) I have to admit the views where breath taking and it was worth every drop of sweat on my back :) Yet, this trail was just a part of the 14 miles hike that day.


Mount Kineo Moosehead Lake

8 Completed 9 Reviews

Great place to hike. We went up the Indian Trail first which was a little more difficult. But we all made it to the Watch Tower at the top of the mountain. Great views!


jordan pond Acadia NP

47 Completed 35 Reviews

The Jordan Pond Loop is hike around Jordan Pond, which is a beautiful blue glacially formed pond. The hike is relatively easy since the trail is level and there is only one brief rocky section.

In addition to views of the pond, the trail provides views of Pemetic and Penobscot Mountains and a very nice view of North and South Bubble. The trail is also a good place to see wildlife as long as you're there when it isn't too crowded. Like a lot of trails in Acadia National Park, the trail features a neat bit of trail engineering, which is the split-log boardwalk that crosses a marshy area on the northwestern shore of the pond.

If you time your hike right, you can also reward yourself with lunch at the famous Jordan Pond House restaurant (the popovers and lobster stew were delicious). The popularity of the restaurant means that the parking lot at the trailhead is full around lunchtime, so you should plan to take this hike early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


Cadillac North Ridge Trail

47 Completed 35 Reviews

This is a fun hike through granite boulders and spruce-fir forest to sweeping views of Frenchman's Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The trail is definitely on the more difficult side of moderate, as the ascent is steep, and most of the trail is rocky. The descent can be rough on knees and ankles.

The summit of Cadillac Mountain is accessible by road, so in the summer months, expect crowds at the summit. There is a visitor's center with a food concession and restrooms at the summit, which makes this hike kid friendly.


Vaughan Woods Memorial Trail

2 Completed 2 Reviews

Perfect amble through a short stretch of river views and forest tundra, the lands around the historic house are well kept and reminiscent of a 19th century novel set in New England.


Bradbury Mountain State Park

505 Completed 169 Reviews

This was our very first Maine hiking experience ($5 fee) and only a short 1.5mi. loop. The first part of the trail was fairly steep, but only half a mile to the rocky outcrop with a view. Even though it was hot and hazy, and while not spectacular, there was a refreshing breeze blowing at the top with a 180-degree view. Knowing that it was all downhill from there, we hiked back the ski slope trail and Northern Loop trail. We passed another so-so view at North Bluff, then went by the cattle pen and feldspar mine to the parking lot. Several trails are available, but we always end up at the top. Bradbury is a great place for children and offers different activities, so if you're in the Freeport area visiting LL Bean and want to try out those new boots, Bradbury Mountain is a quick jaunt to a nice view.


Rattlesnake Mountain

3 Completed 3 Reviews

Great Trail! Great day for a hike & pretty easy trail for most anyone to hike. Blueberries are in season!!


Mount Blue State Park Trail

8 Completed 1 Reviews

Steep trail, well maintained, amazing views at the top. 5 year old son made it up ok. The trail itself is 1.6 miles in, 1.6 miles out. Stop by the Center Hill nature trails/ picnic area on the way out. Awesome hike.


Acadia and St. Sauveur Mountains Trail

23 Completed 24 Reviews

I just did the Acadia mountain loop, but killer views for sure


Dorr Mountain Trail

23 Completed 24 Reviews

Really tough hike if you go up Kurt's pass. Nice view, but seriously strenuous.