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Mount Major Trail

Alton Bay, NH


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Mount Major Trail is a 3.4 mile loop trail located near Alton Bay, New Hampshire and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

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Recent Reviews


Mount Sunapee, Andrew Brook Trail

33 Completed 1 Reviews

We had a great hike!!


Mine Falls Park, Nashua River Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Good trail that makes you feel like you are out in the wild, yet you are right in the middle of town. Good side trails to take, the western side is much more scenic, good to get off the trail and see the waterfalls. There are quite a bit of people walking around so you quickly are reminded you aren't alone.


Mt. Chocorua Liberty Trail

291 Completed 11 Reviews

Climbed the Brook Trail and returned via Liberty Trail. Unusual for this mountain did not see anyone on either trail and had the summit to myself for about a half hour. Moderate trails, fairly easy climb and descent through some very nice scenery and good view from the Brook Trail before the summit and great views from the summit.


Pumpelly Trail

11 Completed 1 Reviews

Definitely one of our favorite half day hikes. So much "bang for your buck," views are incredible for long sections and the hike is fun and just enough of a challenge in spots. Took us about four and a half hours with a couple stops to enjoy the view.


Tuckerman Ravine

6 Completed 1 Reviews

went on alpine touring up this great trail, very moderate grade except for the preceding 1.5mi trek uphill before the turn off to Hermit Lake. Very wide and well traveled most of the year. If spending time during the NH winter (which is nearly 6mo long), please consider avoiding the peak/ridges due to variable conditions and know that conditions although can be somewhat accurately forecasted, may change hour by hour, unless you are overly sufficiently prepared for all types of weather. Skied the Sherburne out, where it should NOT be booted/hiked up. Hike up the standard route.


Presidential Traverse

4 Completed 5 Reviews

More like 20 miles from Crawford Notch to Appalachia. Did this with three long-time friends over two days. We started early in the morning at Crawford Notch, and went about 15 miles on Day 1 to stay at Madison Springs hut. We hit all the major peaks in the first part, being Eisenhower, Monroe and Washington. Mt. Washington would have been a great way to end Day 1, but the Lake of the Clouds Hut was full.

The second half of the Day 1 was less fun, as a thunderstorm rolled in and we were subject to heavy rain, wind, and hail for several miles. This cleared up around the time we got past Jefferson, and the rest of the afternoon was in beautiful weather. Due to conditions and the lengthening day, we skipped all of the peaks (Clay, Jefferson, Adams) on the way to the Madison Springs Hut.

Day 2 was much easier, as we took Valley Way down to the Appalachia Parking lot, with a diversion on a side trail to catch some waterfalls. The original plan had been to hike to the peak of Madison and then head down, which would allow us to leave our packs at the Hut for the summit, but Day 1 had kicked our butts, and my screaming IT bands would have nothing of more elevation gain, so we skipped that, too.

The description above calls this a "Moderate" hike, but I'd hate to see what strenuous looks like if that's the case. There are multiple climbs along the way, with something on the order of 10,000 feet cumulative elevation gain. The terrain from Mt. Washington and North is almost entirely over granite boulders. It will beat you up.

We had cars at either and, and also stationed a car at the bottom of the cog railway in case we needed to bail out due to the condition of either the weather or our bodies, but we all made it. If we could have stayed at Lake of the Clouds, or dropped packs and summited Washington which would have allowed us to skip that on Day 2, I think it would have been perfect. Ultimately I would like to revisit this hike, going N-S, and spreading it over three days with a night at Madison and a night at LOTC, and taking in the summits we skipped the first time around.


Glen Ellis Falls Trail

10 Completed 2 Reviews

Beautiful falls, short trail. Many steps, as can be expected at a waterfall, but they follow right up close to the water. Great for kids, we took our 2 and 4 yr olds.


Bryce Path
by Mark Larson

4 Completed 1 Reviews

Nice hike, it is not difficult, heck, you can drive 1/2 way if you wanted! Kids enjoyed, nice view.


Welch Mountain - Dickey Mountain Loop Trail

10 Completed 5 Reviews

Rocks can be very slippery!!! Definitely a moderate-hard hike in some areas. Views are amazing and you can see for miles. One of my favorite hikes!


Devil's Hopyard Trail

4 Completed 2 Reviews

I've hiked Devil's Hopyard several times, in most seasons. It's got an absolutely beautiful waterfall in the Spring, but it completely dries up by the Fall.