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Breakneck Ridge Trail

Beacon, NY


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Breakneck Ridge & bull hill Trail is a 9.6 mile loop trail located near Beacon, New York and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & snowshoeing and is accessible from March until November.

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Recent Reviews


Brace Mountain Trail

3 Completed 0 Reviews

Great hiking, strenuous but worth it. Easy after early ascent.


Taconic Crest Trail
by Cliff Ruschmeyer

2 Completed 0 Reviews

I too was surprised at how steep the climb , starting from Rt 346 in Petersburg . Nice to be in woods. Very well marked.


Towpath Trail Loop

11 Completed 5 Reviews

The photos I added were from the other end of the trail that starts on the end of River Rd. that is near the intersection of Rt. 79 and Pigeon Hill Rd. It is a very sharp turn to the right after crossing the steel bridge over the river to get to River Rd. It almost looks like you are going to drive into the driveway of a private residence but the road will pass by the house and continue. You drive the one lane road till you see the sign telling all about the lock and canal. That is the area that you can park in. The beginning of the trail is a little one-lane dirt road and then it turns into a little well worn path.
The road part of the trail is easy to walk, but when it turns into the path it gets a little more challenging in spots. It was clearly marked and very easy to follow.


Bethpage Bikeway

6 Completed 6 Reviews


Blackhead Mountain Loop Trail

4 Completed 1 Reviews

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Catskills. The best route is definetly doing Blackhead first then onto Black Dome. Blackhead summit has zero view but a great rock, but the view from the backside of Blackhead is beautiful and looks squarely at the ledge on Black Dome that you are heading too. You need to be an avid hiker and in good shape for this one. Only need to watch out for the loose rocks going down. Views and area are 100% worth it.


Kitchawan Preserve Trail

9 Completed 7 Reviews

A moderate workout with varied landscape. Lots of water views and an active stream that runs down to the reservoir offering a respite for dogs and for hikers. The trail, at times. abuts a farm that is bucolic as it is scenic on the hike.


Hardscrabble Wilderness Area Trail

9 Completed 7 Reviews

Beautiful forest with mature blooming tulip trees in late spring and stunning fall foliage. Great for a daily routine with dogs- a moderate workout with running water for taking a break. Nice to get off trail if possible.


Lake Minnewaska Loop

9 Completed 7 Reviews

Very beautiful trail with dramatic cliffs. Take the trail to both lakes- about 3 hours but avoid on weekends if possible.


Bear Mountain Loop Trail

9 Completed 7 Reviews

Nice trail but heavily traveled on weekends. Good workout with steep inclines.


Breakneck Ridge Trail
by Shawn Armstrong

5 Completed 5 Reviews

Simply the best moderate to difficult trail in the area. Crowds are a little much in the fall months, but you can't blame folks for wanting to get some exercise and take in the majestic views.