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Breakneck Ridge Trail

Beacon, NY


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Breakneck Ridge & bull hill Trail is a 9.6 mile loop trail located near Beacon, New York and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & snowshoeing and is accessible from March until November.

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Recent Reviews


Camillus Forest Unique Area Trails
by R G

3 Completed 1 Reviews

Kid friendly


Bethpage Bikeway

1 Completed 1 Reviews

This is a great trail for Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes. The trail can get a little rough for Road Bikes. The only problem is the stupid people with dogs. There are signs everywhere that state "NO DOGS ALLOWED". There are so many idiots with dogs on the trail that make it extremely dangerous for bike riders. I watched a couple in front of me enjoying their bike ride when a dog on a long leash ran in front of them and both the man and women fell off their bikes and hurt themselves bad. I felt terrible for them. I am not a dog hater. I have two dogs that I love and I would never bring either one of them onto this trail. There should be some official from the Town Of Oyster Bay or someone who can enforce this law. Also, along the way on the southern portion of the trail there are beautiful spots with benches to sit, take a break, and watch the beauty of the wildlife. This however is just about impossible when you have dogs barking their heads off scaring away all the ducks, swans, geese, and birds. Other than the dangerous and disruptive dogs, it is a great trail with both paved and dirt trails. When you are close to the Bethpage Golf course, the trail becomes hilly and is not for the beginner. If you are a beginner, just plan to walk your bikes up the hills. Again, someone needs to enforce the NO DOG LAW because if they did, this would be a gem in the middle of crowded streets filled with cars and trucks. Because no one is enforcing the NO DOG LAW I am giving this trail 3 Stars. Get rid of the damn dogs and I will give this trail 5 Stars.


Buttermilk Falls State Park

18 Completed 18 Reviews

4/18/2014. The gorge trail is still closed due to patches of snow and ice along the path....


Sam's Point and Verkeerderkill Falls

4 Completed 3 Reviews

Awesome hike; got started a little late so parking lot was getting full, but there's enough room to play. After the falls we cut across the plateau on the summit trail, I think also called the long trail, which added a lot of elevation, rocky terrain, rock scrambling, and at least half a dozen tabletop views. This 2.5 mile section was pretty deserted. It hooks up with the carriage trail on the other side of the plateau, and swing down around the lake. Tough to say how far the loop was, but probably 8 miles total.


Overlook Mountain Trail

14 Completed 12 Reviews

My first hike of the Spring hiking season! There was still snow and ice on the trail and it was windy and 34 degrees on the summit. The hike from the trail-head parking lot to the Fire Tower is 2.5 miles of smooth trail, but it is continuously uphill and does not level out at any point from the bottom to the top. I saw a family with two small children who made it to the top so I suspect anyone in average shape can make the hike. The hike up stress the muscles and the hike back down stresses the joints. Overall this is a really enjoyable hike. The hotel ruins are fascinating and worth the trip all by themselves. The Fire Tower is really tall and the view from top or any level platform on the way to the top is spectacular. My hike to the Fire Tower took 53 minutes and I felt like I need to go a little further so I continued on Echo Lake. At the Echo Lake Hut the total distance from the Trail-head was exactly 5 miles. The trip back is 4 miles without the side trip to the Fire Tower. Highly Recommended. Echo Lake Hut is a good overnight spot. If you are headed to the trail-head using a GPS this address works perfectly: 352 Meads Mountain Road, Woodstock NY. One other suggestion, if you use a hand held GPS to track your hike, you might want to pull it out as you drive through Woodstock and have it lock onto satellites from there. My Garmin had a hard time acquiring satellites at the trailhead (first quarter mile of the trail) and I didn't think anything of it until I got back and attempted to use the GPS in my car to head home. That GPS also had trouble acquiring a lock until I got into the town of Woodstock.


Sleeping Beauty Mountain

1 Completed 1 Reviews

This was the first mountain climb I ever did and the amazingness of it is what hooked me into hiking.


Watkins Glen (19 falls)

6 Completed 4 Reviews

832 steps up and 832 steps down. LOVE THIS TRAIL! Fairy-tail perfect. One of the most beautiful parks we've ever been to. Weary knees beware, have good foot ware.


Overlook Mountain Trail

4 Completed 1 Reviews

The view from
The tower is great, just be aware that the directions will take you to a residential area . Keep yourself on the main street and you will find the parking lot


Carthage Park

3 Completed 1 Reviews

I did not have a chance to start the trail, but at the main area there is a big castle playground for kids. My son loved it.


Harriman State Park West Mountain

4 Completed 4 Reviews

Came here over the weekend with 5 dogs and 6 friends. The directions that I found via google were excellent. The parking lot is not well advertised. You can easily drive past it. They need a big sign saying this is the parking lot or parking lot in x miles or feet. One main problem is that the parking lot is not big enough and if you come late, you will end up parking on the side of the road. When we finished our hike around 2pm, there were TONS of cars parked up and down the side of the road. They should expand the parking lot.

The trail we started on was the red square on white square. if you are facing directly at the soda machines, the trail is exactly 180 degrees behind you. You'll see a little small brown plastic post with the trail marker. It can be easily missed if cars are parked in front of it. We started there and journeyed our way on this path, then went onto the orange trail, then went to some woods path and ended up walking by somebody's backyard. We were really close to the houses. We thought we were lost but luckily we were able to find our way back to the orange trail. If you end up here, the houses will be on your right hand side and if you keep walking, you'll see a huge lake/pond to your right, immediately after the 2 houses. At that point, you should see a trail to your left and you should walk on that trail (away from the lake) and that will lead you back to the orange trail. Then you'll hike up and down steep hills and may have to "climb" rocks at certain points. This is all part of the orange trail and you need to climb a little to reach to the top to see the fantastic view of the valley. The dogs needed a little help in 2 sections of the ascent. Other than that, no issues. We then went from the orange trail to the black trail then to the white trail back to the parking lot. Another "photo" opportunity would be on the white trail, there are 2 very small waterfalls that you can photograph.

The orange trail could be marked a little better. The black trail needs bigger trail markers. The color black is kind of hard to find because it sort of blends into the trees. Another complaint is that this place has lots of trails and they all intersect with one another so you can easily get lost or extend or shorten your hike than expected.

Our dogs had some ticks crawl on them but they were easily picked off.

We originally intended a certain trail but because we got side tracked, it was still a fun and enjoyable hike. I would definitely come back to this place and can't wait to see what this place is like during the winter times. I would recommend this place to others.

My phone survived the hike so here are the GPS info for our hike: