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Looking Glass Rock Trail

Brevard, NC


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Looking Glass Rock Trail is a 6.4 mile trail located near Brevard, North Carolina and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

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Yellow Mountain Trail

Cullowhee, NC

Recent Reviews


Yellow Mountain Trail

5 Completed 1 Reviews

Directions to trail lead to private property.


Yellow Mountain Trail

6 Completed 6 Reviews

Hiked this trail today. Was beautiful. A couple of side trails lead to awesome views. The trail itself is like most trails in the Blue Ridge - tree shaded. Parked at the parking lot on the Cashiers side, was only about 10 mile total drive from the center of Cashiers.


Yellow Mountain Trail

45 Completed 8 Reviews

Hiked this trail last weekend via Cole Gap. It was my second attempt since my first attempt was shortened because of a thunder storm.
The views were stunning on that Sunday afternoon. We were rewarded with views of Table Rock, and beyond, plus great views looking towards Georgia as well.
I highly recommend this trail and I'm looking to do my best to make it an annual trail.


Yellow Mountain Trail

565 Completed 193 Reviews

We hiked this in June 2011. I warmed up by going up Whiteside Mountain first (very easy, with spectacular views 2mi. RT). Before we started the Yellow Mountain Trail, we parked a car on the other end of the trail (down the Cashiers side of the trail). We drove another car and started at the small parking lot at the Buck Creek Road entrance. the trail is fairly well-marked and a is a gradual climb up through the ferns and several gradual switchbacks which take you to the top of Shortoff Mountain (some views, but the top is covered in trees), then back down the other side where the trail takes a sharp left that is not marked well but gets better as you hike down the slope (some new park service signs help a lot). Then you cross the valley and start back up again. The trail meets a gravel road (they are selling lots), and then parallels the road. As probably most take the road to the fire tower at the top at this point would explain why the trail has not been kept up from here to the fire tower. Being a purist however, we hiked the trail through some heavy rhododendron that has overgrown the trail (parallels the road to the left). The view at the top was magnificent, what you'd expect from the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The tower sits atop a granite semi-bald and is fully lightning protected. However as a t-storm approached, we high-tailed it back down to where we had parked the other car (about 1-1.5 mi. from the tower), passing through some switchbacks through the rhododendren - this side is better kept up. As tower is about 5 miles from the Buck Creek Road, total trip was about 6-6.5 miles with some real elevation changes. Great hike for the Southern Applachians, and the Cashiers Highlands area is very nice for summer vacations, lots of waterfalls and some really good hikes. The other nice thing about this trail is it is never crowded!


Yellow Mountain Trail

0 Completed 5 Reviews

Someday we are going to ride this beautiful trail all the way though , my mother ,father ,sister ,and me went on this ride we followed the yellow mountain trail for about 4.9 miles and it was getting dark in a few hours so we headed back on our bikes this will be one memory that we will forever remember .The trail was also very tough to ride all of our bikes up my sister always says (that our family has done a whole lot together and we will always have a lot to remember about our trips together) ....karry