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Grandma Gatewood Trail - Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave

Logan, OH


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Grandma Gate wood Trail - Old Man's Cave to Ash Cave is a 10 mile out and back trail located near Logan, Ohio that features a cave. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

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Recent Reviews


Mohican Trails

2 Completed 2 Reviews

Looking forward to hiking on the 24 mile loop this Saturday. We will be staying in one of the Mohican State Park cottages for the weekend. Any insight on the specifics of the loop would be appreciated.


Pheasant Run Trail - Silver Creek Metro Park

12 Completed 1 Reviews

It's easy and close to home, so I come here often. Pleasant run is just one park of the trail in the park. More miles to do. Scenic lake, ponds. Walking bridges. Pine trees, critters, more. I really like the leaf/tree identification signs. Wanting to create a leaf identification scrapbook. Been 20 years since college botany. Want to jog the memory and expand knowledge. There's also a boat house. Can rent row boats. Fishing. Streams. Horse trails.


Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve - Jainshig Trail

21 Completed 3 Reviews

Darby headwaters is a great place to get away. I visit this trail about once a month. For a very long time it was a very nice trail, nacely kept about a mile long with a boardwalk that opens up onto a deack with info signs about the wildlife, folange and other plants. A very interesting ecosystem. Daby headwaters also has many geocashes along the trail. This new trail is just off the main trail and incororates more of the great beauty of the area. It is just a miniute off of 33, by Honda and the cute village of Middleburg.


All Purpose Trail, Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

6 Completed 6 Reviews

My husband and I hiked this trail on a very breezy summer day. It is a very nice trail, easy to walk, with some nice views. Oak Openings in general is a very nice metropark, with some very fun things to do. They have shelter houses that can be rented for parties and such, and some very nice offshoot trails. Just a short trip from Toledo, this is a great park!


Lakes and Ferns Loop, Oak Openings Metropark

6 Completed 6 Reviews

My husband and I hiked this trail in the late summer on a very nice breezy day. Oak Openings in general is a very nice metropark, and this trail is especially nice. The trail starts near a small lake, and rounds a bigger lake. The sandy trail can be a bit annoying if you're not wearing the right footwear, but the trail over all is easy. Great trail for families. Just bring bug spray, especially in the summer, since mosquitoes tend to be prevalent.


Wildwood Metropark

6 Completed 6 Reviews

The Toledo Metroparks in general are amazing, but Wildwood is probably my favorite. I grew up in Toledo, and my family spent many years going to Wildwood and spending time outside and walking the trails. The boardwalk trails are very cool, and the stream views are gorgeous. It's very quiet, and you totally forget that you're right in the heart of Toledo. Definitely a must-see for any Toledo-bound enthusiasts.


Trail to Buzzardroost Rock

2 Completed 1 Reviews

Took my dog along with me and completed the hike to the lookout and back in two hours. Great variety on this trail and an awesome view at the end.


Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

3 Completed 3 Reviews

The towpath is quite nice. I actually was able to follow it with any trouble. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice scenic trail.


Alum Creek State Park Trail

3 Completed 1 Reviews

Look up Alum Creek Mountain bike trail Phase 1, or Phase 2, or Beginner loop. The trail linked here has invalid information.


Findley State Park

2 Completed 1 Reviews

This is a 10 mile loop broken in to 4 sections. Avoid in wet condition it gets a little slippery. The trail flows real well and has some cool obstacles. Fall is the best season to ride the trail. Plan for a full day of fun