Round Rock

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Riverplace Nature Trail

Austin, TX

Great trail....tons of stairs. Good elevation. Even more challenging if you park at the park at the bottom of the neighborhood and run up all the hill, however this is not for the light of heart.

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Recent Reviews


Brushy Creek Loop

6 Completed 2 Reviews

I love this trail due to the length. It stretches from Round Rock all the way towards Cedar Park. Usually walk the trail for about 3 hours once a week with my dog. Tons of scenic view and passes through multiple parks and rivers. Only downfall is that it is over populated on the weekends.


Brushy Creek Loop

5 Completed 4 Reviews

This is my favorite in Round Rock. Trees, rock walls, lake and old railroad bridge. Close to home with miles of trail. Great for running or mountain bikes.


Brushy Creek Loop

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Agreed about not so secluded and this is definitely a trail for beginners (or those getting back in shape). Definitely worth some of the views in daytime, sunset, and night as well. Plenty of wildlife to see this time of the year too.


Brushy Creek Loop

2 Completed 1 Reviews

This is an easy trail. It is good for beginners. Half of the trail has concrete surface and the other half is crushed stone.