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Rattlesnake Ledge

North Bend, WA


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Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Go early in the morning!

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Recent Reviews


Coyote Wall Loop Trail

43 Completed 42 Reviews

Woo! When I started hiking I thought Dog Mountain had breathtaking views. Later on, I thought it was all about Hamilton Mountain for Gorge hikes. But this one? It’ll make you refer to Angel’s Rest as “that stupid place with the rock and all the tourists.” Done right, this hike is kid-free, tourist-free, extremely quiet, and boasts some of The Gorge’s best views. Granted, you need to take the old route. It’s “closed,” but who really cares? It’s a forest: there are no houses, no livestock, no fences, no nothing. So hike it! This route is called “The Wizard’s Trail,” as that’s how mountain bikers refer to it because you effectively climb up Coyote Wall from a (very) steep trail and seem to appear from nowhere atop the ridge. But going up is always easier, and it’s a loop so you never have to climb back down it. And yup, that’s right: too steep for mountain bikes, so none of that noise either on the way up. I uploaded a pic of the route overlaid on a map; check it out. And do this loop clockwise. The trailhead for it is the path immediately right of the old cattle coral at the Coyote Wall parking area. Like, six feet to the right.

Little cousin Timmy and your kids? Waaaay to steep for them—leave ‘em at home. Your dog? Nope, Fluffy would eat a cliff-bottom then get hit by a mountain bike on the way back down—and rightly so. And tourists? Nope, it’s a bit of a bushwhack and the trail isn’t maintained, so they’re not here either. Plenty of rattlesnakes and ticks to help fend-off the dogs, kids, and tourists too. Then there’s more poison oak than I’ve seen in my life in the NW—miles of it. There’s not even a decent map for it, but you can use my tracking that I uploaded and also the pic of my track that I overlaid on a map and U/L’d as a .jpeg file—it’s in the pics section for this hike.

So what do you when there’s no loud German tourist family with screaming kids, zero barking dogs, and a complete lack of trail runners sporting bright pink Nikes? "Enjoy nature," you say? Two words: hell and yes.

Then enjoy some of the best cliff-top hiking, views, and solitude I’ve ever enjoyed on a sunny day. The kicker? It’s actually not that difficult if you know how to wear pants and use a map. Still, you might want to leave fat Aunt Margaret at home for this one, and maybe Mee-Maw and Pop-Pops too. Just park ‘em at a brewery in Hood River or—better yet—let ‘em tour the Hood River Distillery and get tipsy on truly awful HRD vodka. (Note: homeless people of Oregon may disagree with the categorization of HRD as “truly awful,” as it seems to be a favorite.)

The second half of the hike is just an (absolutely beautiful) stroll down the top of Coyote Wall and The Labyrinth on shared mountain bike trails. When you reach the top of the wall (you’ll know), head *left.* You’ll loop back around soon enough to where going right would have taken you, and heading left gives you an amazing shaded bio-zone of oaks with cliff-top views for miles. It’s a great place for that cliff bar and jerky (unless you’re a vegan, but this trail isn’t vegan-friendly anyway). After walking the cliff-tops for a short while (less than .5mi), head right at the first opportunity. You’ll stroll down an old 4x4 road for a short while, then take a right off of that road at the first marked trail sign. Then you’ll get to “Bluff Daddy.” You’ll understand when you see it :O)

Then you get to come down through The Labyrinth, which is breathtaking with fields of gold and huge Oaks. You could just stroll down the top of the wall all the way, but you’ll miss everything. Check the map and head out east into The Labyrinth; you’ll be happy you did, and there’s an old paved road at the bottom that’ll make sure you get back to the trailhead.

Type "Coyote Wall Short Loop Hike on Portland Hikers" into your favorite search engine and you'll find info on the old trail including the part where it's "no longer possible" and that the forest service prefers that you don't hike it ; ) It's 100% possible: don't litter, don't bike it, don't camp-out, don't bring 15 people, and you won't have any issues.

Enjoy; it’s amazing.


Anderson/Watson Lakes Trail

4 Completed 1 Reviews

We went to Watson Lakes. Beautiful setting, some nice camp sites, or easily done as a day hike.


Poo Poo Point Trail

17 Completed 17 Reviews

Pleasant hike with a rewarding view at the end and conveniently located near the Seattle area! It's a solid intermediate hike, trail is busy but well maintained, and there is even a restroom at the top. Note parking is very limited next to the trail heas, but you can easily park at the high school that is just down the road. You can drive to the top as it is a very popular place to go paragliding, which is fun to watch. Would definitely recommend


Burke Gilman Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

We started out ride on the BGT at Gas Works park. Soon after passing under I-5 we entered the UW campus area and began encountering numerous major construction projects. Detours were poorly marked and we were forced onto busy streets and sidewalks. Finally, around the UW sports complex, we lost the trail completely. At that point we turned around and rode through the campus (this was a nice ride). I suggest bypassing the UW campus portion of the BGT until construction is completed. Instead, go west from Gas Works Park through Fremont and Ballard or start in Bothell and ride south.


Lake 22 (Twenty-two) Trail

20 Completed 6 Reviews

This hike would get a 3 even a 3.5 had it not been for all of the trash and traffic we encountered in our hike. The ascent is not all that pleasant as there are few switchbacks so it's just long spurts of incline. We went on Monday assuming it would be a nice quiet hike. We passed so many hikers average age late teens early 20s. The trail was littered with trash and doggy poop bags which made it for a irritating journey. The lake itself was beautiful and clean. Not too cold and perfect for a swim. I just really wish people would've picked up after themselves. (We did pick up and carry out a lot of other peoples trash)


Mount Catherine

37 Completed 21 Reviews

09/15/14 (Monday) - Unsurprisingly, there was nobody on the trail at ~4pm, which made it really nice. I didn't see a soul the whole time I was there. I walked up the road to pay my respects to the PCT before heading up the mountain and there were a couple of cars parked there. The trail to Mount Catherine is lovingly labeled Trail #1348. It starts out flat and rocky before beginning the switchbacks most of the way up. This section is pretty relentless, but nothing you haven't seen before. Near the top, the switchbacks stop, but the incline continues until the final ascent to the top. You can choose from a variety of methods to get up there, but the one with the cable is the most direct.At the top you can see 360 but some trees do obscure the view. It was hazy when I went so Mt Rainier was a mere faint outline. I'll be back on a clearer day. This is a good, short hike. The forest road is comically bad in parts, but it too is fairly short.


Murhut Falls Trail

10 Completed 8 Reviews

What a beautiful trail. Very well maintained. Very short. Could easily spend 1/2 a day exploring the area or longer if you go around lunch and eat by the falls. Provides great lighting for waterfall photography enthusiasts. The waterfall(s) itself was beautiful. Along the trail say a lot of evidence of vernal pool locations, perfect of amphibian spawning in the spring. I look back to going when the pools are full.


Little Si Trail

3 Completed 2 Reviews

Great fun little hike, but certainly presents its challenges.... Went mid day during a week day so was not too crowded, but provided quite the butt kicking we were looking for - Spectacular views as well - Can't wait to tackle the big brother!


Palouse Falls

41 Completed 34 Reviews

Beautiful waterfall /canyon views. Definitely one of the best eastern Washington hikes. Really crowded, do get there early.


Snow Lake Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Absolutely one of the most enjoyable hikes I've had in the area, and I've had a few.... There were only a few people on a Thursday afternoon and it was a beautiful day, only adding to the serenity of the still, glass-like lake. We hiked around the back of Snow Lake on a deer trail and swam in the refreshing water. There were a few mosquitoes but nothing some repellent couldn't handle. I am definitely coming back for another experience soon!