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Rattlesnake Ledge

North Bend, WA


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Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Go early in the morning!

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Recent Reviews


Sheep Lake Trail

1 Completed 0 Reviews

Beautiful, easy 4 mile hike to Sheep Lake. It is quite popular, so be prepared to share the narrow trail with oncoming fellow hikers/dogs/etc. If you're wanting solitude, this probably isn't quite the hike for you. However, the lake is gorgeous, and I recommend going in the spring when the wildflowers bloom, or take a dip in Sheep Lake in August in high heat.


Rattlesnake Ledge

1 Completed 0 Reviews

It was s good hike. On a Monday and more people than I thought would be there. Everyone was very friendly. Was a bit warm. But the view at the top was awesome. Glad I did it.


Third Beach to Oil City

1 Completed 0 Reviews


Clear Lost Trail

20 Completed 15 Reviews

8-1-15, Clear Lost Trail:

This is a great hike and can be difficult at times, however…it’s a bit hard to find and not easily seen from Hwy 12. I did a solo, day hike from the Clear Lost Trail #76 trailhead to the “Old Lookout Site” at the junction of Bluff Lake Trail #65, for a 16.3 mile out and back that took 11 hours counting stops with a 4347 foot elevation gain RT.

The road to Clear Lost Trail TH is excellent. It’s off Hwy 12 however, there are no road signs and is easily driven by as it looks like one of the many pullouts on Hwy 12. Plus the trail itself isn’t easily seen from the road and the registration box is 75ft down the trail. Here’s how to tell: The pullout is on a corner. The pullout guardrail stops near the trail entrance. The guardrail restarts on the corner and is marked with 3 yellow/black diagonal striped signs. One sign on the beginning of the guardrail and two signs on a pole above the guardrail. The trail/registration box is to the right of the 3 signs and below the road. While this is a pullout, there can be limited parking.

From the get to, you go down loosing approximately 900ft the first mile but at the botto there’s an area to camp next to the Clear Fork Creek. There is no bridge and will need to be forded. The creek is very low but expect to get your feet wet.

From there it’s UP until the Old Lookout Site. After 2.5 miles you’ll run the four-way junction of Clear Fork Trail #61 and Clear lost Trail #76, the site of Dewey’s Cabin. An old fallen down cabin. This junction is clearly marked on a fallen log. I missed it because I was looking up for the signage now down. That said, if you have a map, it’s quite obvious your direction.

After is a gentle climb that gets steeper as you go and levels out for a bit at the junction of Coyote Lake 2.5 miles later. There was no signage that I could see but if you have a map, still clear as its direction. This is where you get your first views of Mt. Rainier along with some others. About a mile later is a small lake in a alpine meadow below the cliffs. Beautiful. This is the only source of water since Clear Fork Creek 5 miles ago. Climb another 1/5 mile to Lost Hat Lake. This lake is at the bottom of a cirque and only half its original size. Not sure if that’s normal or this year’s low snow level. There were a lot of animal tracks at the lakes edge. A popular watering hole I guess and the reason I opted to get water elsewhere.

Next climb about 800ft in .9 miles to the Old Lookout Site at the junction of Bluff Lake Trail #65 that’s 6200ft This was a tough section for me. Steep and very hot and running out of water with little shade at the top. From Lost Hat Lake on is all alpine and the trees become scarce but there was a nice breeze at times that was welcomed! The lookout is on a peak that’s thin and long. From the top you can see the White Pass Ski lifts in the distance. Coyote Lake is below and beautiful. And there is a three mountain view of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mount St. Helens.

The return trip went much faster but that’s to be expected since it’s all downhill, but even the last climb to the car wasn’t that bad. All and all, this was a great hike. Wonderful views once you entered the alpine area near Lost Hat Lake and if you’re multiday hiking, there are is camping at Lost Hat and Coyote Lakes. I’d rate this hike as moderately difficult due to its elevation gain.


Rachel Lake Trail

6 Completed 0 Reviews


Ebey's Landing Trail

29 Completed 17 Reviews

This should be easy hike for most anyone. The grade / climb is not difficult and the length makes it very convenient. The views of the sound are great from this trail which runs along the bluff above Ebey's Landing. My GPS said the distance was closer to 3.8 miles (and a bit) than the 3.5 miles advertised. We hiked this trail on a pretty warm day and our dog was a little uncomfortable on the hot sand which covers most of the trail for its entire length. The trail has some spots with steep drops (careful please) and does get narrow (single file only) going down the switchbacks towards the beach.


Point Defiance Park Trails

8 Completed 4 Reviews

This is a great park. The trails are easy and well marked with color coded shapes based on the length of trail you want to hike. The park itself is very busy on weekends.


Round Mountain Trail

1 Completed 0 Reviews

We did this hike on a cold, cloudy but mostly dry afternoon. From the parking lot the convenient trail leads mostly through the woods with 2 or 3 nice look outs. The views from the summit were curtailed due to the mid -summer drizzle and fog of an unexpected rain cloud. However, the smell of wet earth was awesome. About an hour into the hike, we came across an amazing 5ft diameter fallen tree and about another hour after the fork we thought about going back but then decided to hike the rest (about 30 minutes) to the summit. As soon as we arrived there we were happy to have reached our destination after a 2.5 hour hike including some short breaks. The outlook was worth the effort even though we couldn’t see Mt Adams or other mountains because of deep clouds. We were able to have a view of Crystal Lake and Rimrock Lake which we enjoyed as much as our satisfaction of making it to the summit. I calculated our walk back to the parking lot for at least 1.5 hours but we were surprised to make the 2.8 miles in 1 hour.I think dogs were only allowed on leash ☺ . It´s a nice afternoon workout but please do your kids a favor and choose another trail: they might get bored and overstrained especially because of the gain of elevation of 1,700 ft along the 2.8 miles.


Greenwater and Echo Lakes Trail

7 Completed 4 Reviews

Second time on this trail, and it's just as beautiful as the first time. Way more people on it this time trying to get down to, or come up from the water, since summer has been awfully warm.

Let the dogs play in the water at the few places you can easily access the river. Lots of campers on the lake, so we didn't get to go enjoy the shady side of the lake.


Cape Flattery Trail

35 Completed 4 Reviews

Amazing views from the vantage point at the end of trail. If you feel up to it (this can be DANGEROUS attempt at your own risk) follow one of the random side trails down to the waterside and check out the tide pools (no touchy though). Also a plus, this is the most NW you can be in the continental United States yay! Weirdly I went on a Saturday afternoon and there was only one other couple there, which I guess is lucky based on other review (it was misting pretty hard all day maybe that scared off some people?)