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Rattlesnake Ledge

North Bend, WA


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Rattlesnake Ledge Trail is a 4 mile out and back trail located near North Bend, Washington that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Go early in the morning!

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Recent Reviews


Goat Lake Trail

14 Completed 1 Reviews


Spider Lake Trail

19 Completed 4 Reviews

A nice and quick little hike, although it takes a bit to get there on the forest roads. The roads are paved for most of the way. Only passed one other couple hiking. The only drawback was that there were quite a few shotgun shells along the trail.


Dickerman Mountain Trail
by Travis Lusz

17 Completed 2 Reviews

*This is a 8.2 mile hike not 5.8!*

I was checking trip reports this week to see what hike sounded the most interesting, and stumbled upon Mount Dickerman. The views from what I found online are exactly why I prefer hiking the North Cascades; Craggy Mountain tops, solitude, and nothing but nature as far as the eye can see.

My hiking buddy could not attend, so I decided to take on the hike solo. I started the drive up around 8:30. Once past the Lake 22 trail head up Mountain loop, the drive itself is very rewarding, you have the privilege of driving through some beautiful country. It looked like there were some trees that were across the road form last weeks windstorm, but they had been cleared out. There is one spot where the speed limit drops to 25mph from an old washout that they never bothered to repave, other than that its a great drive.

I got the the trail head at 9:20, and was the only car there, no cell phone service, and no one around. But I did get an early Christmas present from my wife, a SPOT Personal locator beacon which is nice for easing her mind when I go on these solo hikes, and for giving me that just in case last way out if I needed it. Loading my gear into my bag I actually busted a zipper on my larger Geigerrig pack trying to get my fleece in, which I was not too happy about, but luckily there are two zippers.

The trail starts out harmlessly enough with a long easy incline grade. That's when You quickly gain elevation when you start you first of 53 (reportedly, I didn't bother counting) switchbacks. The trail provides a good sweat, but it was not draining. I liked it better than Si because you were out of the tree line a lot quicker, and had waterfalls, and peek views on your way up.
At 4200 feet it began to snow lightly. Once I passed the waterfall I decided that it was time for the Microspikes. The trail got slippery, and I would just rather be safe than sorry, especially alone. I also took off my shell, and wore my base layer + wicking shirt for the remainder of the trip.

After about a quarter of a mile past the water fall the trail really starts to open up, and you finally feel like you are getting somewhere. Once I was able to see the peak the wind and snow got more intense. I was able to find my way to the top, but there were few to no footprints left to follow. Both going up, and coming back down require work and patience. The views from the top are amazing, my only disappointment was that it was not a clear day. This is a hike I will definitely need to do again in the summer to get a full appreciation for.
Finding my way back from the summit was a little sketchy. The wind/snow had covered my tracks and took me temporarily off course which in those conditions could have been extremely dangerous. I was able to work my way back to the trail, with no further issues.

At the waterfall around 12:30 I passed a group of about 8-10 hikers, a little later that I would want to be heading up but to each there own. I warned them about the conditions at the top and made my way down. At about the 3800ft mark I ran into a wild turkey, which was a little more impressive than the typical grey jay, or chipmunk that I see on the trails.

I made it to my car at 01:40, with a new respect for Winter hiking, and how fast you can loose a trail if you are not careful! Be safe out there.


Green Mountain Trail Via Gold Creek

1 Completed 1 Reviews

I was most certainly not on the correct trail. My son however joined me. Where we began was at the far end of Gold Creek Trail rd. This was the printed directions that are contrary to the directions posted at bottom of picture. I am going to use the directions posted underneath the pictures next time and try again. It was a couple hours total. Logging road that meets the woods. I have taken my horse on a trail many years back that seems to match the other directions. I enjoyed the hike, it wasn't difficult but mostly because my 17 yr old accompanied me.


Tarbell Trail to Hidden Falls

46 Completed 10 Reviews

We were trying to find Silver Star and ended up here. We just did about the last mile, out and back.


Heliotrope Ridge Trail

149 Completed 88 Reviews

The road to the trail head was still snow free on 12/14 and that is not very common in December. The trail up to the glacier overview is moderate while the climbers trail is a little more of a challenge but doable. The first mile of the trail was completely snow free, then it got icy in stretches before turning to solid snow. Micro spikes were helpful near the top and on a few of the many creek crossings which were half ice half stream this time of year. Fun winter hike.


Ira Spring Trail
by Travis Lusz

17 Completed 2 Reviews

chose this hike based off of trip reports of snow, however that was 6 days prior and when we got there the trail was bare and wet. On December 10th in Washington State, in the Cascades you can usually guarantee snow, but not this time. The weather warned of high wind/rain for all of Western Washington, but we were determined to hike so that wasnt going to slow us down.

The road to the trail head was atrocious. For the last mile or so, its nothing but deep pot-holes. It looks like they are working on improving it though, because there was fresh gravel before the pot holes began. When we got to the trail head we were happy to see that we were the only ones crazy enough to attempt the hike with the weather conditions. We started up the trail at 11:00 am, in a unseasonably warm 56 degrees, with on and off rain.

About a mile in, we reached a waterfall flowing across the trail. There were plenty of rocks/logs to get across, but it would have been a quick ride down if you were to fall in. Trip reports from a week ago stated the rocks on top were covered in ice, but were dry for us.

Once you start the switchbacks you really start to get the views, and for us the high wind. You will encounter panoramic views for the remainder of the hike until you start towards mason lake.The trail is a steady climb on a cliff side, with minor switch backs, there is never really a time where this hike feels difficult.

Once you reach your peak elevation 4230ft, you will continue for about a half mile, and drop down a few hundred feet to Mason Lake. The lake was 2/3rd's frozen over, giving it a unique look. Mason lake was not as stunning as Blanca, or Lake Twenty-two, but is still a pretty area to eat and relax.

Overall, the trail up to the lake is very unique and worth checking out, especially if you go on a sunny day. My hiking buddy said it reminded him of hiking some of the ridge lines on the Wonderland trail. The trail is very well maintained, and pretty wide for the majority of the climb.


Ira Spring Trail

54 Completed 40 Reviews

12/12/14 [Sunday] - Stopped by Mason Lake on the way to Mount Defiance today. There is some snow on the descent to the lake and the rocks crossing the creek are icy and very slippery (I dunked a foot up to my calf…). The lake is mostly iced over and beautiful. Camp Robbers are out and eager to take trail mix from your hand. The lake was my favorite part of the hike.


Mount Defiance / Mason Lakes Trail

54 Completed 40 Reviews

12/12/14 [Sunday] - I wasn't sure what to expect on this hike. I have done Bandera before, but this was my first visit to Mason Lake and Mount Defiance. The lake is beautiful right now. I't is mostly iced over (thin) with the wind blowing snow across its surface. The trail down to the lake is mostly covered in snow (~2 inches) once you get to the north side. It's pretty slippery, but didn't deter several trail runners. The trail up the ridge to Defiance is snow covered (~4 inches) and today the wind was pretty strong in the forest. The final climb to the summit was very slick. Not a lot of people have been up there yet, so the footing hasn't been well determined. The wind made the final leg even trickier, but I made it and so did several others. I had poles but no yaktrax (bring some).


Bandera Mountain Trail

54 Completed 40 Reviews

12/14/14 [Sunday] - I hiked to Mount Defiance today which shares a trail with Bandera Mountain. I though I would report that the trail is snow free until almost to the top (as seen from the fork in the trail). It was a different story heading down to Mason Lake and back up to Mount Defiance. I'll post a photo.