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The Enchantments Trail

Leavenworth, WA


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The Enchantments Trail is a 18 mile point-to-point trail located near Leavenworth, Washington that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced outdoorsmen. The trail is primarily used for hiking & trail running and is accessible from July until October.

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Recent Reviews


Colchuck Lake Trail

7 Completed 5 Reviews

It is a little bit of a drive from Leavenworth to the trail-head, and over a couple miles of pretty rough gravel to the TH. However, we did it in our Dodge Caravan (we've taken it to Lake Josephine TH in Idaho as well), just take it easy and you don't need a pickup. this is a really fun hike, and unless you do the last mile (and about 500ft of elevation) I would rate it moderate. Our 4yr old walked the whole thing to the large boulder field at bottom of the final climb - where we turned around. We hiked it the 3d week of Sept, and they'd gotten about 6" of snow above 4000ft. that made the surrounding peaks, Dragons Tail, etc just incredible. You cross the creek a couple times, the coolest part is when you finally start seeing Colchuck Glacier through the trees - the new snow they'd gotten made it look like a cloud flowing between the 2 peaks. amazing. to the base of that final climb was just over 3miles one way.


Alpine Lookout

17 Completed 5 Reviews


Lake Caroline and Windy Pass

12 Completed 1 Reviews

From the drop down to Lake Caroline to Windy Pass is a stunning. If staying overnight at Caroline be prepared for insects. Some big views and big country showing off Mt.Stuart, Eightmile mountain to Cashmere unfold throughout the ascent. Windy pass views won't be forgotten.


Blackbird Island Trail
by Kristin F

8 Completed 3 Reviews

Blackbird Island has River Trail, Channel Trail & Hot Sands Trail which are part of the City of Leavenworth's Enchantment Park walking trails system. The trails wind along the Icicle River and through riverbank forests & wetlands. There are benches for sitting and interpretive signs to explain the natural and cultural history of the area. Throughout the park there are small beach inlets that are perfect for swimming on hot summer days. This is also a great birding site in the Spring or a place to spot salmon making their way upstream in the Fall. The trails are open during the Winter for walking, snow shoeing & cross country skiing. Leashed dogs are welcome and dog waste bags are provided at the trailhead. The single trailhead (for all trails) is located in Enchantment Park and will take you along the river, over Blackbird Island, and out into downtown Leavenworth - or you can walk one of them as an approximate 1 mile loop. There are public restrooms in Enchantment Park open from mid-April through mid-October. The trails are flat & very well maintained - great for all fitness levels.


Icicle Gorge Trail

6 Completed 3 Reviews

Perfect casual hike for families and friends with lesser hiking skill. Sun and shade mix. Gorgeous views of the river the entire way with a few places to stop and dunk if you don't mind going numb for a moment. Awesome day!!


Eightmile Lake Trail

26 Completed 25 Reviews

I took my daughter on this hike for her first backpack. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were very lucky to get a permit so last minute; even the day before Fourth of July weekend! To read the whole story and see pics, go to my blog. http://kellbell-whywouldanyonereadthis.blogspot.com/2014/07/enchanting-eightmile-lake-and-magical.html


Lake Minotaur Trail

1 Completed 1 Reviews

The trail is difficult. Very steep, rolling rocks and exposed roots. At 4500' elevation there was still snow cover and we lost the trail. using GPS we were able to navigate to the lake. Be careful since near the lake the outlet is under the melting snow and is exposed in some areas. The lake was covered in snow still but at the ridge top you can see the other lake (name is another Greek name)which is not covered in snow and just as beautiful. Going down the trail my knees and hips were aching from the jarring they took. Not many views going up as I read there would be but what you see at the top us worth it.


Heather Lake Trail #1526

1 Completed 1 Reviews

Went on this trail instead of the one in Granite Falls by mistake. However, it's well worth the drive to a trail not well known by most people. We didn't make it all the way up to the lake, but the waterfalls on the way up is really spectacular.


Icicle Ridge Trail

85 Completed 50 Reviews

Thursday 6-19-2014: Sunny day for late spring hike up Icicle Ridge. It was too late for balsamroot flowers, but I found rare “elegant cat’s ear” flowers. Trail was dry and mostly of loose dirt. The temperature was in 80’s and we were glad that the trail was mostly in the shade and happy to find log chairs and cool breeze at the trail junction at the top. We hiked 0.3 miles north from the trail junction to a viewpoint. The view of Leavenworth was great. It took us 2 hours to go up and 1.5 hours to get down.


Colchuck Lake

85 Completed 50 Reviews

Friday 6-20-2014: My wife and I hiked to Colchuck Lake. Having done hiking up Icicle Ridge Trail the day before my wife was hesitant to take on this strenuous trail. There was an option to go to Stuart Lake instead. When we hiked on Stuart Lake Trail 2.2 miles in and came to the junction to Colchuck Lake Trail, we felt pretty confident to go on to Colchuck Lake. At 2.6 miles from the trailhead we lost our trail. We should have forded the creek but we followed a boot track straight up a steep hill to nowhere. We lost 20 minutes. We got back to the trail and started the rocky steep climb. At 3.5 mile another hiker spotted a mountain goat on the trail. We tried not to scare him and he moved on and disappeared. Ten minutes later the goat was 20 yards off the trail eating leaves in a bush. I took some pictures of the goat. 4.3 miles from the trailhead and 3.5 hours later we reached Colchuck Lake. The lake and the mountains that surround it were beautiful. The return trip was uneventful and took us 3 hours. Bugs are out. I had 6 bug bites and my wife had 5 even though we used bug spray.